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Introducing 2 Mish Mash Music CDs perfect for creative music making when you’re at home, or out and about. Do have a listen using the special widgets below…

These CDs are requested by older siblings, dads and little ones… Families tell me that they love them because they are really good music that grown ups like too. The songs are a mix of acoustic songs I’ve written for my classes, and wonderful songs from around the world.   The CDs have been produced using only acoustic instruments, so are perfect to play along with.

I’ve had countless stories of parents telling me that their children sing along, do all the actions, and have taught big brothers and sisters too.  Lots of tales of traffic meltdowns being averted, previously grumpy little ones animatedly singing, and of happy holiday adventures whilst playing the Mish Mash CD in the car.

If you’d like to buy an actual CD which comes with the song lyrics, it’s £8.50 including UK postage do contact me

Big Fun for Little Ones
Everybody Shake It!

Big Fun for Little Ones

This CD features 25 funky songs and is available as a CD from Ruth or online:

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Milo loves it! Especially Monster Munch & Welly Boot Wash (he likes to get his wellies out for this one) and all the ones that we sing regularly on Wednesdays — he likes a good bop round the room and grabs something to shake/bang! Luisa, mum to Milo 19 months

We love the CD. It is in the car and if Fraser starts crying, I put it on and start singing along. The Ocean Song is one of my favourites and Fraser seems to really enjoy my rendition of Shake It and I’m in the Mood. We are really enjoying the classes too. Sally, mum to Fraser 4 and a half months

Just wanted to let you know that Tom absolutely loves the CD you have recorded, we listen to it all the time and I like the fact that Ethan sings too, it makes it sound more real (if you see what I mean!!). Fiona, mum to Tom, 2 years old. 

We love the CD. Cam has really enjoyed singing the songs at home and it’s nice they’re more funky for my benefit too! Martha mum to Cameron, 25 months old. Sam absolutely loves the CD, he positively demands it in the car. Its a brilliant way of familiarising the kids with the songs. We have been known to get our shakers out at home and have little sessions. Thank you!

Your CD is fantastic! It immediately became the household favourite (beating Lol’s ballet music and others). Having the CD means we have got to know the words better and the house is full of music as we are singing Mish Mash tunes even when the CD is not on. (Lol is singing “splish, splash splosh” as I write!). Jan, mum to Loll, 3 and a half

For the record your CD rocks. Maya won’t go anywhere in the car without “Roof sing it” on. We (and by we I mean adults and children alike) particularly love the dancing cows of mexico song to which we bop down the motorway ‘chica chica-ing’ your songs have become our staple musical diet and although I couldn’t tell you what is hot in the rnb charts right now I could sing every word from your CD. Chantelle, mum to Maya 18 months

Sophie is really starting to recognise some of the songs and smiles and waves her arms whenever we put on the hello/shaking song in particular. I like the mix of upbeat/chill out songs as well – not all wake up songs! And even my husband is quite happy to have this Sophie CD on (there are very few that pass this test) – although he is slightly concerned what you may have been drinking when you made up the mexican animals song! Amy, mum to Sophie, 14 months

CD is great. All my girls love it and Pippa (6) and Stephanie (4) even request it in the car when Josie isn’t there! Josie likes ‘Everybody’s shaking’. Pippa likes the Dancing Cows of Mexico. Stephanie likes ‘Walking through the jungle’ and particularly likes to sing it when we are walking in the woods! Claire L. Mum to Josie, 14 months, and big sisters Pippa and Stephanie just wanted to give you the feedback on the CD which has been a huge hit in the car with Luke and my four year old James who particularly love moo chika! Luke loves tick tock and fishing in the deep blue sea. Its lovely to see him so responsive to the music both in classes and at home especially as his start in life was so difficult for us all. So thank you. Catherine, mum to James 22 months

The CD is now a regular daily activity at this end. William says ‘mish mash’ every morning after breakfast so they both sit in the living room ready with their shakers. Their faces light up every time I turn it on. Favourites are definitely the 1st song – shake (William loves the quiet bit ‘like a little mouse, creeping about the house’), the Zoom Zoom song and the Walking in the Jungle. They generally love the songs with actions and movement. Jo, mum to Jasmine, age 2 and William age 15 months

Amy loves her CD. She listens to it all the time! She always asks me to put it on when she’s eating and in the car. And she sings and dances along to it too and even makes up her own words to “I’m in the mood for…” filling in with whatever she’s doing at the time. So we’re very very happy with it. Please make another one! Julie

The CD is fabulous, a real hit in our house with everyone singing along! Our favourite song is “Moo Chika Chika” — we always have the CD on at meal times and when this comes on suddenly even the most boring meal seems to be flavoured with a mexicana vibe! We also love “Be Back Soon” – and my 3.5yr old sings along when mummy & daddy have to go to work!  We really have enjoyed the simplicity of the songs & guitar — and the personal touches of family members joining in (my daughter is intrigued by your son’s voice & hopes to make her own CD one day!) It is lovely for us to enjoy the songs at anytime, not just during our weekly class. Thankyou! Helena, mum to Fenton, 1 year old.

Everybody Shake It!

This CD features 16 brilliant songs and is available as a CD from Ruth or online:

Download from iTunes
Download from Amazon

The CD is great. The children ask for it at home, as well as in the car. It naturally ties in to the classes well, as you may have seen from the response of our three today. Maybe, as a suggestion, the “Goodbye My Friends”“ song at the end of the next CD would bring it to a close nicely. However, as we have it on a “loop” sometimes, perhaps it isn’t necessary!! Stephen & Jean

The second CD is great. All my children love it and sing along in the car. Claire

We LOVE the cd – the girls love it and I have been known to put on the seagull song (as I call it sorry) just to calm me in bad traffic!! Lisa A

James loves it and asks for ‘his songs’ on in the car. He also chose to have it on for his Birthday party games! James especially likes I love to sing and dance around, arabella miller, trees are blowing in the wind, out for the day (especially as he remembers doing the noises!) and five little monkeys. I love the flying song and the lyrics and suggestions are a helpful addition. Sarah B

Well we absolutely love your new CD. I say “we” as the whole family listens to it – us grown ups enjoy it as much as the kids!
Flori (aged 2) is addicted to the “Everybody shake” song, and we have to listen to it again and again – as she does the shaking rattle motions. It’s great to hear some of the old classics – “Trees are blowing in the wind” – which Ellie (now 7) remembers from when she was 2 years old and at Mish Mash and loves and also the frog song. Also the “Hey mr taliman” – with the steel drums is brilliant. In fact the whole CD is a winner – well done! Heidi