Monday ,Wednesday and Friday classes work out at £7.50 per session paid termly, (typically £90 for twelve classes)
There is no joining fee at Mish Mash

…as I’ve never quite worked out what those are for!  Because Mish Mash isn’t a franchise, there are no obligatory T-shirts to buy, or any other joining stuff you have to do.

The first class is a free trial

As I want you to know you both enjoy the class before committing for a term. More Details on trial sessions HERE

Any extra costs?

Each term involves a new CD of songs, which is an extra £6.50 (discounted from the £8.50 retail price)  is added to the termly cost. The CDs contain mostly original music recorded by Ruth, written especially for Mish Mash. Parents have told me that they really help other family members get involved and are great for car journeys, and having fun at home. You can also buy other CDs Ruth has written from Itunes, Amazon, or from her.


…are welcome at Mish Mash. 2nd babies are free until 10 months, and then cost £2/ session up to 18 months old, and £3.50 a session from 18 months plus. Because the classes are relaxed, most parents find it easy to bring siblings to the class, including new born siblings and twins. Parents are often pleased to find a space where they can give attention to the older ones, knowing that the younger ones are involved and included (if they are awake!!) and are free to explore within our music circle.

There is no need to have both / all your children sitting on your lap, which means you are free to play with your children without worrying. Younger siblings accompany their older brother or sister in the class right for the older one’s age group.

What if I’m away and will miss a few weeks?

If you are away for a week or two on holiday, you are welcome to let a friend have your place so you aren’t wasting it. Do let me know who to expect, so I can welcome them.