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Welcome to Mish Mash Music- St Albans Music classes with a difference.
Watch movies from our classes in St Albans, here, and listen to some of our favourite songs at the end of this page – and you can download them free too, to enjoy when you are out and about with your little one.
A day in the Life of Mish Mash Music

This movie packs a great little flavour of the classes into one minute!

Why do so many teachers and musicians choose Mish Mash for their children?

Among many others, Mish Mash Music attracts lots of parents who are teachers and musicians. As professionals who know what they are looking for in their little one’s music education, we ask them why they chose the classes.

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On a Mountain- A Mish Mash song with Native American flutes

Our classes use a huge variety of instruments played live in the classes, and a huge variety of creative experiences for little ones. In this tiny movie, we share one song using Native American flutes, that we use in the class… all about a wolf. Watch the little ones using their claves as a flute in the chorus!

How children are free to be themselves at Mish Mash Music

The ethos of the classes is about supporting children’s creativity through  freedom of expression.  This happens through the supportive, fun and encouraging environment Ruth creates. Parents can relax knowing that their little ones are free to be themselves. Ruth put parents and children at ease, and the small friendly classes allow creativity and musical skill to grow.

Find out lots more about our classes in St Albans, here.

Watch more movies of the classes here 

Mish Mash songs – and free download!

– All these songs are copyright Mish Mash Music and Ruth Cohen-Rose

“Mish Mash is more than just a music class to keep us occupied in the week. Ruth’s fabulous songs have become the soundtrack to our preschool years.”  Rose, mum of two, St Albans


      1. See Saw

For our  See Saw song, place your little one opposite you, as if you were rowing a boat.  For the roundabout part, rock from side to side, or go round and round.  Little ones who are just standing love to do this one standing up too.   And older ones can stand up, and dance in a circle for the roundabout part.   Don’t forget to scream at the end!


Sitting on a see saw, let’s all pretend

Sitting on a see saw, playing with my friend x2

Round and round on the roundabout

Everybody sing and everybody shout x2

      2. Moo Chika Chika - Ruth Cohen-Rose

This is a favourite song with grown ups and little ones alike. We do this song in the class, clapping two pots together (you can use yoghurt pots!)…  Babies can do this from surprisingly young.  For older ones, you can make up a pattern of clapping, and hitting the pots on the floor, or table.  For tiny babies, you can tap gently on their body, so they can feel the rhythm.


Can I tell you, do you know, the dancing cows of Mexico?

They dance in the field all day long, and this is their favourite song

They sing: Moo chika chika chik, chika chika moo moo,

Moo chika chika chik moo moo moo x2

repeats with other animals


More free songs – download  our Favourite Songs

Parents tell us they love the classes as much as their children, and that a big part of this is rich variety of wonderful music we use.

Receive our mini compilation of favourite songs,  and instructions of what to do with them.  They are great for car journeys, rainy days, times when you want to do something creative with your little ones, and  hanging-out-at-home days.


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