So why do you keep Mish Mash class sizes so small?



I know, it makes very little business sense to often have a waiting list, and keep class sizes small (I have only 14 children in a group – plus a few extra siblings)   But ask anyone who loves teaching children, and who has done for it many years, and they will tell you that teaching is a vocation, and it’s all about the children you work with.  It has to be right for them.

Mish Mash has been running over 11 years now, and I’ve had a chance to see what happens when babies and children get individual attention. A feeling of belonging is so important for all of us adults, and it’s no less important for babies and small children.    I love seeing how little ones get to recognise and feel comfortable with the other children in their group. I’ve seen how confidence grows and how this supports creative exploration and development. And this is what allows children to develop creatively… this is where the shaking, banging, dancing, actions, exploring and creating happens.

We use a lot of African drums and percussion in the classes,  as well as more quiet instruments, guitars and flutes etc.  The drums sound amazing when we sit in a circle and play together because there aren’t too many of us.   It’s so important to me that the volume is enjoyable, and not overwhelming (think of times you’ve been to a noisy soft play centre!) I know the children get the most out of the sessions because they can really hear the music they,and their grown ups are making. And it sounds beautiful.

Mish Mash is about joining in, and creating music together. So to keep doing that, I’m keeping class sizes small, which might mean there is sometimes a bit of a wait to join them.

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