What are you doing to help keep Mish Mash safe during this threat of Corona Virus?

These are not easy times!

I’ve done loads of research, spoken to other practitioners to work out what the best thing to do is, to help make classes as safe as we can.

For me, it’s about being really sensible- minimising risk, whilst allowing the children’s lives to have some continuity. 

When I arrive, I come into the space and spray any surfaces you might touch with an antiviral spray (like door handles)

I’ve created a hand washing station that the children have been loving, which we are all using before and after class (those gels are really strong for tiny hands – soap is much kinder!)

Nellie and Ellie the hand washing elephants have been a big hit at Mish Mash!

I’ve written a couple of songs about hand washing, which will be recorded this weekend- better than happy birthday!… I’ll send the link as soon as they are done! It’s just a great idea to get the children really happy to wash hands.

I’ve separated my kit into two lots and bought more equipment, so that the children coming into the second class aren’t using the same things as the children from the first class to prevent microbes being passed on.  It does mean my car is full to the gills of the extra kit!

And…these parts are obvious- but mentioning anyway- I’m asking anyone with a new, persistent cough, or a fever over 37.9  not to come to class (and OBVIOUSLY not to come if you’ve been in contact with anyone suspected to have the virus!!)

Classes will be running online if the schools are closed as a way of creating social distancing whilst keeping the fun going.

AND… we’re making music, which boosts the immune system (lots of links online)  and provides a space to have fun, play, forget your worries, and do something other than talk about the Corona virus!! – never underestimate the power of music to help in difficult times!

Stress is so hard to manage…and music really does help!

Just a cute pic taken at the classes 🙂