What happens if I book for classes when we might not be able to go, because of Corona Virus?

What happens if we all end up trapped at home?

My little one making music at home with me – awww!

If government advice is that we all stay separate from each other… it could mean weeks at home with our little ones.

Being stuck at home is NOT easy for parents with little ones. But I have a plan for something great if it does turn out we all have to stay home!

Parents have told me that the reasons you come to classes are:

  • To do some thing fun and creative with your little one, where you don’t have to be the one ‘running the show’
  • To be part of a group – doing something your little one loves with other people
  • Developing crucial developmental skills through rhythm, movement, language and melody
  • To add structure to your week
  • To enjoy the fun and joy of music – music making feels good, boosts mood and boosts the immune system for everyone! (loads of studies online)
  • To build your bond with your little one
  • To have a change of scene
  • To see friends
  • Keep continuity in your little one’s life

My plan is to make sure you can keep doing ALL of that from home,  by offering the same weekly Mish Mash sessions, but in small groups online!

What does that involve?

Live online Mish Mash sessions for smaller sized groups on your Mish Mash day at almost exactly the same time as your original class (I’m running two classes so the times will shift a little)-  You get to play along at home, include partners, other siblings.

A chance to keep making music, keep a shape to your week, have some fun you don’t have to organise… well, basically all of the bullet points above!

For the live session, I will run double the number of groups, so it’s no more than 7 families… so the children get to feel connected, I get to relate to your children, and we all get the feel of being in a group.  It will be lovely to keep the sense of  ‘life as normal’ for the children.

I will also offer a link to a recorded session you can do at any other point in the week so you can play more regularly together with your little one throughout your week.

For the recorded session, I’ve ordered some more life size puppets like Millie (the blond girl puppet I use in the classes) so that my big kids (who will be stuck at home with me if we all get told to stay home) can join in the session in the recordings, along with the puppets, which will be so much fun!

Millie, one of the massive puppets I’m bringing to online classes

In terms of cost, from next term onwards, for each of the online weeks, I’m going to refund you a third of the cost of coming to a regular class- so it works out at £5.50 a class.

What will you need?

I’ll send out kit ideas if it happens, but it will be things you have to hand- and any music toys from your toy box.

I’m really excited to see how this goes. I hope it will go some way to making weeks stuck in isolation more bearable and fun for all of us!

PS.Click here to find out what I’m doing at the moment, to help keep classes safe during the threat of the virus

For those new to Mish Mash who want to join:

Classes are full right now, but booking opens for those new to Mish Mash on March 21st at 8am – you need to be on the email list to book a spot. At the time of writing there is still space in some of the classes (but not all) for after Easter (Mid April- Mid July)   To join the waiting list, and get that email so you can book a space for next term, go to our Find a Class Page by clicking here... it has details of the classes and the link to join the list.