Our handpicked favourite songs – FREE for you! Perfect for bringing more fun and music into life with your little one

Here are 8 of our favourite songs, complete with lyrics and activity ideas.  Music is a such a beautiful way to connect with your little one, and have effortless fun together.

Just listening to music together supports your little one’s emotional development and linguistic abilities. And playing too adds gross and fine motor coordination and creativity to the mix.

You can download the songs or just listen here.

As well as each song with lyrics and instructions, I’ve also grouped all the songs together near the end of this page.






      1. Everybody Shake it - Ruth Cohen-Rose

This is the first song in every class.   Shake loudly for the dinosaurs, and quietly for the tiny mouse!    Little ones love hearing the contrast between loud and soft, and older ones love joining in.


Everybody shake it, It’s time for us to play

Everybody shake it Coz it’s a Mish Mash day X2

Can you shake it like a tiny mouse who’s softly creeping all around the house?

And can you shake it like a dinosaur, Who likes to jumps about and likes to roar? X2

      2. If I were a Dumper Truck - Ruth Cohen-Rose

Who doesn’t love a dumper truck?  If your little one loves to be moved to the beat, this song is perfect.   Tilt your little one from side to side for the dumper truck, tip your little one up for the digger, and open and close your hands for the flashing lights on the police car.      And as the wheels go round, cycle legs or arms.


If I were a dumper truck, I’d be good at tipping up, tipping up, tipping up

If I were a dumper truck

If I were a great big digger, I’d be good at making holes get bigger…

And the wheels go round and round and round, round….

If I were a police car, I’d be good at going Nee Naw

Nee Naw, Nee Naw, I’d be good at going Nee Naw

      3. On a Mountain

This song includes the native American wooden flute I play in the classes.  We march around the room (babies with bells on the arms or legs, big ones, tapping rhythm sticks together, which they then pretend to blow when they copy the sound of the flute). This song is about making the link between  the melody of the flute and the sung words of the song.


On a mountain, in the dark night I can hear the wolves

Aoo Aoo Aoo I am not afraid I am not afraid

Aoo Aoo Aoo I am not afraid I am not afraid

      4. Tinga Layo - Ruth Cohen-Rose

This is a traditional south American children’s bounce on your lap song. The older ones use drums, rhythm sticks, or clap pots together for this one too.   When it says ‘me donkey “buck” or “leap” do a bigger bounce, and when it gets to the “kick with his two hind feet”  clap your little ones feet together, or tap rhythm sticks or pots on feet.


Tinga Layo, come little donkey come x2

Me donkey BUCK, Me donkey LEAP, Me donkey kick with his two hind feet  x2

      5. Smelly Welly Poo Poo

It’s good to sing about what you know!  As a parent, who knows how many hours of my life I’ve spent changing nappies. This makes it so much more fun, and big siblings love being able to join in.   Great to do with a shaker.


Smelly Welly Poo Poo, smelly welly poo poo, smelly welly poo poo day

I think that it is you-hoo who’s done a smelly poo poo

Smelly welly poo poo day

I’ve got to change your nappy, that will make you happy

Smelly welly poo poo day

And when you’ve got a bigger botty, you can use a potty

Smelly welly poo poo, smelly welly poo poo, smelly welly poo poo day!

      6. Cloud Walking - Ruth Cohen-Rose

A gentle sleep time or snuggling up song

We do this one under a parachute, with our feet in the air, touching the starry fabric. You can do it with a sheet or other fabric at home.  If you have another adult with you, you can wave it over your little one, or by yourself, you can lie down next to your little one and wave it, so you are under the ‘tent’ together.  Shake the fabric lots to create a breeze for the “feel the wind”section, and you can shake the sheet up high, for the “wind takes me high” section.


Lie down with me lie down, lie down with me lie down

Take me cloud walking, take me cloud walking, walking in the sky

Take me cloud walking, take me cloud walking, dreaming dreaming dreaming I can fly

Feel the wind in my hair

The wind takes me high, and I turn in the sky

I am dancing in the air

Lie down with me lie down, lie down with me lie down.

      7. See Saw

For our  See Saw song, place your little one opposite you, as if you were rowing a boat.  For the roundabout part, rock from side to side, or go round and round.  Little ones who are just standing love to do this one standing up too.   And older ones can stand up, and dance in a circle for the roundabout part.   Don’t forget to scream at the end!


Sitting on a see saw, let’s all pretend

Sitting on a see saw, playing with my friend x2

Round and round on the roundabout

Everybody sing and everybody shout x2

      8. Moo Chika Chika - Ruth Cohen-Rose

This is a favourite song with grown ups and little ones alike. We do this song in the class, clapping two pots together (you can use yoghurt pots!)…  Babies can do this from surprisingly young.  For older ones, you can make up a pattern of clapping, and hitting the pots on the floor, or table.  For tiny babies, you can tap gently on their body, so they can feel the rhythm.


Can I tell you, do you know, the dancing cows of Mexico?

They dance in the field all day long, and this is their favourite song

They sing: Moo chika chika chik, chika chika moo moo,

Moo chika chika chik moo moo moo x2

repeats with other animals

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